Benefits of a New Business Opportunity

As you get healthier, younger, more beautiful and handsomer, and people are asking what it is you do - would you not like to start a business that capitalizes on people asking you instead of you having to ask them?

Shaklee is such a business.

First USE THE SHAKLEE PRODUCTS, as many of them as you can. Remember, most of the products are replacing what you are buying now anyway.


Third BUILD THE SHAKLEE BUSINESS. As people ask then present the business opportunity.


First, you get paid for using the products for yourself.

Second, you get paid for sharing the products.

Third you get paid for allowing others to begin doing the Shaklee business.

Fourth you get paid for those you have introduced to Shaklee who do the Shaklee business and who introduce the Shaklee business to others.

Fifth you get paid on the sales generated by all those you have introduced and all those who were introduced by them as well, no limit.

Sixth you get paid for an automobile, meeting the requirements, for 36 months on a commutative basis.

Seventh you get paid vacations for 2 weeks to exotic places in the world.

Eighth you get paid bonuses throughout the year as you meet the conditions to earn them.


Nary Vin & Peter Paul Mendel


Business Opportunity


This is working when you want, how you want, where you want - with no limitations except those you impose upon yourself.

Want to know how and what the requirements are? There will be no obligations or pressures, Just friend with friend.

Well, then you will have to make the first move and call

1-562-716-1737 if you speak English or Khmer, or

1-714-915-3884 if you speak English or Dutch or don’t mind a funny halting Spanish.